One-day Addis City Tour (sample itinerary)


Our first stop is to fuel up at the oldest and best coffee shop in Addis, Tomoca, located in the hectic Piazza district. After sinking a delicious macchiato (or two) we depart fully caffeinated and ready to face the day.

Next, we head over to the National Museum of Ethiopia, where you can meet the world-famous Lucy, the oldest human skeleton ever discovered. She’s 3.2 million years old and was named after the Beatles song Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. The museum also hosts a range of exhibits from all around Ethiopia.

After getting all cultural, it’s time to experience the hustle and bustle of Africa’s biggest market, selling everything from baskets and scarves to jewellery, shoes and food. Everything in fact! Merkato can be crazy, so if you prefer a more relaxed shopping experience, we can take you to a small family-run gift shop, selling all kinds of traditional local handicrafts at reasonable prices. 

Stocked up with souvenirs, or perhaps with ideas in mind for later, we jump in the waiting car and head up to Entoto Mountain, for the best views of the city.


The afternoon in Addis begins with lunch at a traditional restaurant. We take you to where locals eat, instead of the usual touristy spots. Try firfir, injera, dero wet, tibs, or shiro – or even an Ethiopian-style pizza! 

After lunch, we head to the Holy Trinity Cathedral to see Haile Selaissie’s tomb and learn more about the Orthodox Church in Ethiopia.